Platform lifts V10 to V40: our vertical platform lifts

Up and down – as you like it and wherever you like it!


Brand-new technology for a life without barriers

Our platform lifts comply with the latest design and technical requirements. Platform lifts by servelift have several clear advantages. All advantages at a glance:

Minimum space requirement

A 12-cm-deep shaft pit is all you need to build in a platform lift. No cumbersome construction work is required to set up a platform lift in your own home. Alternatively, Platform Lift V10 and Platform Lift V20 may also be integrated in a building shaft – depending on how much space you have available.

Shafts with an attractive design

… large glass panes (also insulated glass), powder-coated aluminium profiles in all RAL colours, including stainless steel, halogen lighting, etc.

Smooth start-and-stop system

… a platform lift that provides a smooth and comfortable ride assuring maximum comfort and no jerky movements.

Safe drive

… with two lifting chains and certified safety catch.

Easy to use

Your platform lift is equipped with an easy-to-use operating panel.

A platform that lifts you up to eighteen metres high

You may stop wherever you want, even on intermediate levels.

Your platform lift provides you with utmost safety

Safety switch-off bars, door lock, safety catch and many other special features – for your maximum safety. Certified quality All our lifts have been tested and approved by independent testing authorities in accordance with all current technical standards. Your platform lift comes with full-range special equipment Emergency phone, automatic gear for revolving door, automatic emergency operating mode, remote control, thermo-insulated doors, and many other special features